Appearance Policy

Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science Appearance Policy


Khaki Pants or Shorts (Cargo shorts are not permitted)
Navy Blue Polo Shirt with Emanuel Prep logo
Shoes or All White Sneakers
Navy Belt
Tucked in Shirt

Boys are required to be in full Emanuel Prep uniform at all times except for PE days and specific dress down or school spirit days.


Emanuel Prep athletic gear (Shorts, T-shirt, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt)


Dress down days will be announced periodically throughout the year. Students are allowed to wear their Emanuel Prep uniform or may dress down specifically as instructed by school personnel. All dress down clothing must be appropriate and any wording must reflect a positive Christian message.


Students are always expected to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Additionally:

  • Clothes must be neat, clean and pressed
  • Boys are required to maintain an appropriate haircut and style
  • Boys must wear a plain white undershirt with no wording/logos (when in uniform)
  • Belts must be worn at all times (except when wearing athletic gear)
  • Pants must always be worn at the waist
  • Logos and wording must reflect a positive Christian message (on dress down days)
  • Athletic gear (Nike, Under Armour, etc.) permitted on dress down days only (with the exception of coats and jackets)
  • No hats are allowed in any buildings (including during field lessons)
  • No bandanas at any time

Repeated violations of the appearance policy will result in consequences as outlined in the Student and Family Handbook