Do boys learn and interact with their environment differently than girls? Yes. We have created a boys friendly learning environment where they feel comfortable and motivated to learn. Some aspects of this include:

  • Non-Traditional Classrooms
  • Experiential/Learning by Doing
  • Project Based
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Strong Role Models
  • Structured Support


At Emanuel Prep we aim for our students to experience a deeper and more complex degree of knowledge than a traditional textbook approach can give. We give our students the opportunity to examine real-world problems and themes through multiple lenses. This helps our boys become aware of the connectivity and interdependence of our world. It also will help to develop well-rounded scholars who understand their skills and knowledge should be developed and applied in more than one area of study.


Our mission is to cultivate the spiritual development of all our students by teaching the Bible and how it demonstrates the character of God, how He cares for and loves them, and how to walk in Godly wisdom and character. We integrate lessons from the Bible into our academic and social-emotional curriculum. Our students also participate in multiple chapel services weekly.


We believe the most essential component of developing well educated boys is to initiate a love of reading and writing in the earliest grades. Our teachers utilize the Six Steps to Reading Phonics model as a foundation to acquire the skills necessary to develop into voracious readers and writers. We reinforce literacy in every content area by creating language rich instruction environments in math and science through daily journaling and the intentional instructional materials to support literacy development (word walls, PowerPoints, complex informational texts, etc.)


At Emanuel Prep 100% of our boys participate in an inquiry and discovery based STEM Curriculum. We are intentional in planning and practice to develop rich and structured experiences where students learn concepts overwhelmingly from working with materials rather than direct instruction.

Aspects of our STEM program:

Inquiry and Discovery Lab
In the Inquiry and Discovery Lab our boys engage in deeper and more complex math and science learning by encouraging their natural curiosity and using it as a vehicle to discovery. The lab requires our students use a variety of materials to design, create, observe, experiment, invent, identify problems, make predictions, share discoveries, ask questions, and wonder how things work.

Outdoor Learning Center
In our Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) our students are offered a vast array of possibilities not available indoors. This space invites open-ended interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, and discovery with plants, trees, sand, rocks, mud, water and other elements from God’s creation. Our OLC will include an edible garden, pond ecology, and meteorology.

A key component to our program is the partnerships we develop with outside educational institutions to provide our students opportunities to visit and engage in activities that enrich what they are learning in the classroom. In addition to partnering with local organizations in the Chattahoochee Valley we are developing a first of its kind partnership with Technical Universities. These partnerships will allow our students to participate in a curriculum developed specifically for Emanuel Prep by the partners and travel to their campuses at least four times a year to participate in engineering projects.

Imagine your son not just playing a video game, but playing a video game with the scenes, characters and storyline he developed. Emanuel Prep students will explore the world of computer science through our coding curriculum. Our boys will become proficient in the language of programming and software development and understand how to bring their imagination to life.

Many people believe robotics cannot be successfully taught to early childhood students. However, the foundation of robotics is the manipulation of materials which children do every day by playing with physical objects: by making things, testing things. To learn programming and engineering, they need materials designed in the spirit of traditional learning manipulatives in early childhood (physical, as opposed to on-screen). Our robotics program gives our students the foundation necessary to understand concepts such as sequencing, cause-and-effect, programming, sensors and motors.

Partnerships and Volunteers
We understand that a key component to the growth and sustainability of our STEM program is to foster partnerships with the local and regional educational and professional STEM community. Additionally, we welcome the support of volunteers to assist in the implementation of our various STEM initiatives.


As Christ is our example, we believe serving others with love, compassion and humility is part of our mission. It is important that we not only teach our boys this but give them the opportunities to apply these principles in a meaningful way. Each year Emanuel Prep students participate in two outreach initiatives in the Columbus area. We partner with local organizations to serve where needed.


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