Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science exists to prepare young men to be exemplary leaders. Our goal is that they be able to “stand” as skillful and wise as the young men did in Daniel the 1st Chapter.


We will set the standard for advanced learning in an advanced society through an innovative and rigorous Math and Science focused curriculum that cultivates 21st century skills, fosters a love of learning and is developmentally appropriate and enriching for boys. Our goal is to develop critical thinkers who will invent creative ways to enrich our society.


At Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science we believe that boys succeed when learning is experiential, engaging and is structured in a way to effectively achieve the goals of the unit or lesson. Therefore, our curriculum is developed and taught with a project-based and interdisciplinary approach which allows our students to deeply explore and make connections across the disciplines. This process is enhanced by our small learning community which enable individualized instruction and collaboration among teachers and students. Our structure supports our teachers, strengthening their ability to be prepared, thoughtful and effectively use assessments and data to ensure students are exceeding state and national standards. We are passionate about developing boys into leaders, guided by principles of the Christian faith. Therefore, we will nurture our boys to be scholars who follow the example of Jesus Christ to serve others with love, humility and compassion.


Wild Wing Cafe partners with the young scholars at Emanuel Prep and invests in the academic success of each young man who attends. Wild Wing Cafe is closely aligned with our S.T.E.A.M. focused curriculum which guides every scholar and supports the vision and purpose of our institution of learning.

Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science

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