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Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science exists to prepare young men to be exemplary leaders. We are one of the few all Boys’ schools in the entire Southeast Region of the United States. The School is founded off of the principles of Daniel 1:3 where King Nebuchadnezzar took the young Hebrew boys and tested them in Math and Science, and subsequently built the most technologically advanced kingdom during his time. We are convinced the church should take the same innovative approach to do great things for the Kingdom of God.

At Emanuel Prep, we have set the standard for advanced learning in an advanced society through an innovative and rigorous Math and Science focused curriculum that cultivates 21st century skills, fosters a love of learning and is developmentally appropriate and enriching for boys. We are developing critical thinkers who will invent creative ways to enrich our society.

August 8, 2016, we welcomed our inaugural class of Pre-K4 Scholars and will incorporate an additional grade each year until we reach the eighth grade. We invite the families of Muscogee County School District students, Harris County School District students and home schooled students within the community and tri-city area to embark on this educational journey for excellence.

The vision of Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science is providing a much needed option and a new standard in primary education to the young men of this community. We place a calculated emphasis in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) where our country and state continue to fall behind on a global perspective. As a result, in the very near future we will produce some of the leading scores in the state of Georgia as well as the nation in standardized testing i.e. ITBS, ACT, SAT etc. The vision is to become the new standard for advanced learning in an advanced society.

As the founder of the school and grandson of Emanuel Coleman whom the school was named in honor of, I have been blessed with a well-rounded background in Business. Currently I serve as the Senior Pastor of New Birth Outreach Church which is housed on the 41.5 acre campus with Emanuel Prep. Early in my career, developing marketing plans in an ever changing Media industry in the late 1990s developed a perspective and portfolio of businesses and how they profit in the market. Eventually answering a call to ministry in 2000, the call led me to leaving corporate america as an employee to independently building an investment planning company under the umbrella of one of the most reputable Life Insurance Companies in the industry. My office had clients as far reaching as California to Germany. In 2008, an opportunity to work with my father and his Chemical Company which provided chemicals to the Pulp and Paper industry arose and I served as the CFO of that company. Product development, technical engineering recruitment, Regional Service area development and corporate buyouts all continued to develop my overall understanding of business and the niche opportunities that exist.

Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science fulfills a niche in academia because boys learn differently. They Study, learn and achieve best when proven researched teaching techniques are implemented in their learning environment. We have developed an innovative and rigorous curriculum to prepare them to excel. This curriculum utilizes the best practices in education and is specifically geared to the developmental needs of boys.

The US continues to fall behind in the areas of math and science alongside other industrialized developed countries and our High Tech companies in the US continue to employ the more skilled technical opportunities to those outside of the United States.

Call our office today for a personal tour and see how your son can excel and become a leader in an ever-evolving society. You may also schedule an appointment with the founder to see how you can be a part of making a difference for a young man that otherwise may never have the opportunity to excel.

Best Regards,

Carlos D. Coleman
President & Founder

Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science

10107 Veterans Pkwy,
Midland, GA 31820

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